As a young girl growing up in Cedar City, Utah, I never really thought I’d grow up to try my hand at becoming an entrepreneur, but I always suspected that something bigger was meant for me--somewhere out beyond my small, desert hometown. 

At eight years old, my family was shattered by the divorce of my parents, who announced their separation on Christmas day that year. My mother raised me and my siblings with a little help from and the enduring love and support of my grandparents. 

After high school, I earned a degree in political science and spent summers interning as a paralegal at a national law firm, as well as completing a temporary assignment in the Utah State Legislature. Graduation was followed by a stint as a flight attendant, and while it wasn’t glamorous, it did afford me the opportunity to travel and experience the world beyond Southern Utah. Flying around the globe with my head in the clouds, I still found myself daring to dream bigger about how a girl from a small, mid-western town was going to make her mark on the world--but not before a few more lay-overs.

While still on the job as a flight attendant, I met met my ex-husband whom I married in Salt Lake City, and together, we started a family and another successful business venture. Over the next thirteen years, I dedicated myself to balancing life as a wife and career-oriented mom of three beautiful girls. 

As a working mom, I struggled—a lot! There were struggles with my weight. Struggles with hormones and postpartum depression. Struggles in my marriage. Ultimately, I realized I was really struggling to not lose myself and began really focusing on what I wanted out of life, all while just trying to keep it all together.

It was after the birth of my third child that I decided I wasn’t going to struggle anymore. My interest in reading became my survival kit and I started delving into research on natural hormone therapy. At that time, I also discovered a love of fitness and dove deep into nutrition and researched ways to combat my hormone deficiencies through diet. I worked tirelessly on myself inside and out while still working diligently to fulfill my obligations as a provider, mother, and wife. 

All of this led to an unexpected opportunity, when at the age of 37, I was approached about becoming a fitness and swimwear model; something I never thought I would or could do. That opportunity proved to be a seminal moment. After investing a lot of my own time and effort promoting other people’s products and brands, all while growing my personal influence and brand online, I saw an opportunity to create something meaningful for myself.

And so in October 2018, I founded She Does, LLC, with the goal of creating a luxury lifestyle brand, designed with purpose for the empowered woman. Conceived through the incredible blessing of my family, the desire to inspire my own girls and the relentless pursuit of my own dreams.

So let’s not settle for what we already know she is capable of. Instead, let’s get out there and show them just what She Does...

Written by Audrey Waldron

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She does compassion. She does passion. She Does needs to be a bigger part of the world. She Does matter and will make a difference because she will show what’s most important. She Does is authentic, caring and heartwarming. She Does the hard work. She Does tough topics. She Does tough love. She Does support those in her life. She Does stand up for herself and for what’s right. She Does lead a strong path. She Does confidence. She Does inner strength. She Does it all.

Our Story

She Does was born with one thing in mind, empowerment. Founder and CEO Audrey Waldron was empowered when after having three children, struggling with hormones, and embarking on a journey of self discovery found that she was able to be a mom, an entrepreneur, and a bikini model all at the same time.