What a whirlwind, and surreal week NYFW has been! It’s taken me a couple of weeks to decompress and sort through everything that was learned, experienced and to absorb the new trends that are going to inspire us for 2020. So much to recap! Buckle in!
First, what an honor it was to be included in Hitech Moda’s third runway show, and to be asked, just out of the gate from launching in November, is humbling. I’m so grateful for this opportunity and for the momentum that this built.
This was a learning curve of epic proportions, and oh did we learn fast on the job! The behind the scenes was complete chaos, as you can imagine, but the show came off flawless. I’ve surrounded myself with an amazing support system, and team, that will only continue to grow and thrive as we grow. I’m so grateful for them, and everyone who helped behind the seams! MUWAH!
NYFW biggest trends of 2020: lingerie looks and neon lime in full force. I’m happy to say that we are on trend, and will continue to do so. Other top trends are: polka dots, prairie dresses, big bags, platforms, checks, relaxed silhouettes and eye catching belts. Whose ready for spring!
Written by Audrey Waldron

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I had the incredible opportunity to be interviewed by Suuchi Inc. and explain the  entire, end-to-end manufacturing process. There are a lot of steps involved, people, sourcing from all over the world to get a finished product to achieve the desired outcome. I'm so pleased I partnered with a company that is ahead of the curve technically and I was able to get to market in less than a year!

Clutch Magazine Article - Written by Caitlin Madlinger

The money quote: "I was lucky enough to witness many incredible designers during NYFW, yet one label stood out to me initially for its geometric designs and sleek aesthetic. The brand is called "She Does" and is built off of the principle that women can do anything and be anything, while embracing femininity and strength simultaneously."


Written by Caitlin Madlinger