Women are faced with a unique set of challenges. We are influenced by so many things many of which contradict each other. We want children, but we want a meaningful career. We want to feel beautiful but we want to be strong. Can we have all of our desires or do we have to choose between one or the other? Can we reach our goals professionally and still raise a family right? Can we look sexy and feel beautiful without letting looks define us? We believe we can! She Does is a brand that was literally born from these personal dilemmas. We were conceived by the incredible blessing of raising a family but wanting more, from the struggles of giving our all to our kids yet still having the desire to be our best selves physically and mentally. We believe that SHE can be a mom and an entrepreneur, SHE can be sexy and the PTA president, SHE can change a diaper and change the world, and because SHE DOES it all, you can too!

She Does was born with one thing in mind, empowerment. Founder and CEO Audrey Waldron was empowered when after having three children, struggling with hormones, and embarking on a journey of self discovery found that she was able to be a mom, an entrepreneur, and a bikini model all at the same time. After years of raising children and supporting her ex-husband, Audrey set out on a journey to find herself again. She figured out how to get her physical and mental self back on track through diet and exercise. She dove deep into nutrition and the implications of food on the body. She read every book she could find about business, nutrition and self care. Through hard work she overcame her hormone imbalance, and began modeling swimwear, and it was through modeling where the dream of She Does was born.
Written by Audrey Waldron

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In celebration of women Audrey Waldron offers She Does. This lifestyle brand provides products to help empower women. Luxury products that allows women to feel sexy while still fulfilling their multiple roles.


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