Love letter to all the Women who are DOING IT ALL: August 26th

AUDREY/Women: I love who you are. You’re stronger than you know. Even when you didn’t want to be there, you showed up and got it done anyway. This life has not jaded you, you came out better, stronger, kinder, and wiser. Your trials have shown you what’s important: people over things always. 

You always treat people with the utmost respect, because it matters. I love how you see everything in your life as an opportunity and a chance to grow and to serve. You are becoming and doing everything you want in life. I love how confident and sure of yourself that you have become through it all. I love how inspiring you are to everyone in your life, especially your daughters. This is what matters most. 

I love how deep you love, it keeps you young. I love how you see the best in everyone you meet. I love how your motivation, motivates all who come into contact with you. I love how you never stop and always keep going. I love that you are an amazing mom to your daughters. They see you for who you are. I love how patient, calm and attentive you are to them. It’s in the details: the hair braiding, the car talks, the good night hugs, and the morning cuddles.

I love that you show your love no matter how the world should have jaded your heart, instead it made you stronger and showed you how important love is. I love how you see people: their hurts, their scars and their wounds, and all you want to do is love them and show them acceptance and love. Love is really all we need and you have so much to give. I love how you remember the details and make people feel special. I love how people feel valued by you and cared for by your kind spirit.

I love how you do it all - without complaining - but with excitement and joy to show the world who you are and what matters most. She does it when she doesn’t want to because she knows how important it is. How to care and to keep going are what draw people to you and lights a path so that people can see for themselves that it can be done. It’s not easy, but it can be done.

I love how you support your family and friends in everything that they do. I love that you show up, even when you have your own things to do.  You show people how important they are to you.

Most of all I love that you are mirroring this for your daughters. You are their teacher and role model. You are passing onto your girls the traits and characteristics that today’s world needs.

She goes hard. She loves deep. She does compassion. She does passion. She Does needs to be a bigger part of the world. She Does matter and will make a difference because she will show what’s most important. She Does is authentic, caring and heartwarming. She Does the hard work. She Does tough topics. She Does tough love. She Does support those in her life. She Does stand up for herself and for what’s right. She Does lead a strong path. She Does confidence. She Does inner strength. She Does it all.

Written by Audrey Waldron

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