The Most Influential Women in Business

Audrey Waldron
It’s hard to be a queen among queens. Competition is a real thing and unfortunately in this day and age women tend to view the main tactic in winning is by attempting to undermine another woman in particularly attacks aimed at degrading, shaming, or inflammatory attacks. I can’t tell you how many of my closest girlfriends turned their back on me...

SheDoes Went With You in 2022

Audrey Waldron

2022 has been a powerful year of growth for SHEDOES. From the launch of three new swimsuits, to an excellent Miami Swim Week, to a website redesign, SHEDOES has kept pushing upward to new heights. ...

Clutch Magazine Article - Written by Caitlin Madlinger

Audrey Waldron

The money quote: "I was lucky enough to witness many incredible designers during NYFW, yet one label stood out to me initially for its geometric designs and sleek aesthetic. The brand is called "She Does" and is built off of the principle that women can do anything and be anything, while embracing femininity and strength simultaneously."


Written by Caitlin Madlinger