I have a special place in my heart for Thanksgiving. My dearest memories center around family, which gathers together at Thanksgiving.

Family is so important at Thanksgiving.

The most festive season of the year starts in my family at Thanksgiving. And it gives me a chance to shout out my heartfelt gratitude.

This year I am thankful for you. You have brought my dream to life: my dream of creating a company that builds women up, that emboldens women who feel on top of the world as well as those who need a boost, and that gives women the confidence that comes from loving their bodies and expressing their true selves! 

You have built this brand with your patronage and by showing off your beautiful selves in SHEDOES apparel. And because of you this brand continues to grow and evolve into its most powerful future.

SHEDOES is excited to support you in the coming year. We already have a list of delightful surprises for you, with swimwear, events, and promotions that bring a burst of elation to your buying experience. And we’re not going to wait! 

SHEDOES is ecstatic to announce our 2022 Black Friday promotion that puts our highest-quality swimwear in your basket for 22% off. It’s the biggest enticement we’ve ever offered, and we hope this will put some bounce in your step at the resort, or a smile on your face as you gift these beautiful swimsuits to your friends and loved ones. Just use the code FRIDAY22 at checkout!

And if SHEDOES has been on your own wish list, here’s how to boost your odds of getting your favorite suit or two for the holidays. Just grab some of these shareable images. Right-click or long-tap to save or share. Text them, post them, and tag your besties, relations, and significant others on social media. It’s a Thanksgiving recipe for beach body bliss.

The Audrey, a lovely one-piece with a cowl, available in two color options
The Authentic, a beautiful two-piece swimsuit from American designer SheDoes
The Beauty, a lilac, one-piece swimsuit from designer SheDoes.
The Body, a dazzling swimsuit with a daring, decorative zipper.
The Chic, a stunning, black, deep-v one-piece from swimwear designer SheDoes, modeled by the CEO herself
The Confidence, a brilliant, modern bikini by SheDoes


The Edge, a perfect fresh take on a two-piece that inverts the focus from above to below.
The Grace, a beautiful one-piece swimsuit with just enough detail
The Strength, a show-stopping, vivid one-piece swimsuit that reveals your feminine power.
The Survivor, a brilliant, orange two-piece swimsuit with a clasp made of survival gear!
Written by Audrey Waldron

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