It’s hard to be a queen among queens. Competition is a real thing and unfortunately in this day and age women tend to view the main tactic in winning is by attempting to undermine another woman in particularly attacks aimed at degrading, shaming, or inflammatory attacks. I can’t tell you how many of my closest girlfriends turned their back on me once I started modeling. Inversely I can also tell you the true queens, my ride or die crew, stepped up and supported me in the toughest times.

You find your tribe when you are authentic and unafraid to be all of who you are. There doesn’t need to be any jealousy or judgment, there is enough of that in this world to go around. I found the best thing for me was to work hard, keep good friends and family close, and take the moral high ground. 

Audrey Waldron with powerful women at She Does Swimwear

It’s a common misconception that every powerful, smart woman has a personality style like Beth Dutton (Yellowstone). Funny how some women and men are attracted to her power, but others find her personality lacking or aggressive. I think strong men and women would not be intimidated from the likes of a Beth Dutton style woman leader and those that have that lack of self-confidence are intimidated and uneasy.

Embrace your core values, know yourself, always improve and be very careful about comparing yourself to others. Knowing your weaknesses and being brutally honest with yourself is the best comparison you can practice.

Many of these takeaways were featured in Power Women by Authority Magazine.

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Written by Audrey Waldron

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